Aerate vs. Thatching


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Each year I have some customers that want thatching, and others that want core aeration, and few that want both. I would like to core aerate all of them, but most people want what they know, which is thatching. Now the local extention recommends thatching and aeration every year, but it's a fact that alot of the lawns that I thatched last fall don't look as though skipping this fall will hurt any. In previous posts some people mentioned overseeding, aerating, and starter fertilizer. <br>My question is this: What do you folks thinks of going with the overseed/aerate/fert in place of the thatch/overseed/fert if the yard is not showing signs of thatch buildup ? Will I get the same or better results seeding with aeration as seeding with thatching ?<p>jeff

John DiMartino

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If the lawn doesnt have excessive thatch build up and has a few thin areas,aerating will probably get you better results for the money spent.Aerating will breakup the top layer,releiving compaction and improving drainage,and the new seed plugs you'll have will help thicken the lawn and you'll get a better take than if you thatched.If you have a healthy lawn and its being mowed regularly with a good mower,thatch removal shouldnt be needed as often as aerating.<p>----------<br>John D<br>


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Ditto, De-thatching is a messy job. I wont even do this. Instead I&quot;ll push for an aeration.

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