Aerating and Dethaching/ what would you have charged?

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    what about on 1 acre lawsn???
    also whats your price for aeration, fertilizer and over seeding? ive seen ppl say $45 to $75
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    Dethatching in my mind should be quoted by the every half acre and should be around $250 bucks per acre. There's a lot of manual labor involved in it. If you happen to be able to afford the equipment to suck it up, well, great, that's more profit for ya once the equipment is paid off. Personally, our company cannot quite afford the Scag vacuum attachment just yet. We have to go behind and rake it up. Blowing it doesn't work well for us here. I hope this gives you a bit more insight from yet another operator.

    PS-- I say the every half acre thing because our lawns here usually start around 1/2 acre. You can certainly do it by the sq ft, but the premise is the same.

    .25 acre = 10890 square feet
    .5 acre = 21780
    1 acre = 43560

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