Aerating and fertilizing 5 acres?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by JTLAWN, Mar 22, 2007.


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    I have a job to aerate and fertilize 5 acres but this is the largest job like this i have done. Thinking of charging about $3000.00. Does this sound reasonable????? I was told by another company that it is... Thanks for any input!!!:cool2:
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    I have a 6' wide 3 point hitch mounted aerator and it wouldn't take long to do this with my tractor. If the property is tight I also have a 4' front mount for my Steiner that would take a little longer but not much. Fert is also no problem. Electric spreader on front of Steiner. I know I can't get $3000 for it here no idea about where you live.

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