aerating and fertilizing a yard what numbers?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by cambo4783, Mar 5, 2011.

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    im in tennessee and was wondering what numbers on the bag of fert i should use. the yard is already in great shape mostly fescue some bermuda, just wanting some opinions, and i will prob get the coop brand of fertilizer,thanks
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    Grass does not need much phosphorus--and phos(middle number) is already plentiful in most soils(and it causes algae blooms in water). So zero phosphorus and about 3 times as much nitrogen as potash should work well. Say about 24-0-8. However, cheap fertilizer has no slow release--it is poor because it disappears too quickly during rain or sprinkling. You should look for 50 percent of nitrogen as slow-release--if not found, then 30 percent slow release, is your only choice. REad the fine print on the bag carefully or ask the guys for help. For example 24 percent nitrogen and 12 percent slow release, (meaning the other 12 percent is cheap quick-release). Of course, your state University can do a careful soil test and give you better suggestions. You may need lime to correct acid soil for instance. Perhaps you want crabgrass control, included.
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    It would be nice if you added N, when it was needed...

    But you will be advised to add NPK 4-8 times per yr. depending on how much you can sell the client...

    Caution: the client must have the ability to Overwater the lawn with irrigation in order for your 4lbs of N to be effective... :laugh:


    There are many aspects of lawncare to consider that start with the soil texture, structure and fertility... If you want to just dump on the NPK at the "approved" rate, then just do it...

    If you're working for the client then another question is required... :)

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