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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mowerman41, Aug 28, 2009.

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    I have a customer that wants me to aerate and overseed there yard. Grass area is about 28,000 sqft. The aerater is going to cost $50 to rent and the seed for that size area is about $150. I was wondering how much I should charge????Any help would be appreciated.....
  2. mowerman41

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    any help out there?????
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    You're going to want to consider buying your own aerator, you ain't going to make no money between having
    to run pick it up and then drop it off again later, the only way you can do anything of this sort is by lining up
    at least 3 but really 4 or 5 aeration jobs then knock them all out in a day.
    Oh, that's a load of work!

    But it's doable, I've done two full acres in a day, it's hard work but it didn't kill me.
    Matter of fact 3 hours it took me LOL, after that I went to go do something easy, like grass cutting.

    Now, so then...
    That's just over 1/2 an acre, I'll give you 2/3rd's or 5/8th's but it ain't 3/4's...

    Area that size I do it with my walk behind aerator for $40, $45...
    Wait, no, I do a full acre for $90, I guess 45-50, you might can get 60.
    The seed, 100 pounds sounds about right, I'd do that bit for 150 labor and all, my total would come to right around 200.

    All depends how long you been around, how fast you can knock it out, where you get your seed, all of that...

    You might can get maybe 220, 240, who knows, 260?
    Yeah, 260 might be all right, considering.
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