Aerating and then what?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawnkid, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. lawnkid

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    Hey all, I don't know if I posted this in the right forum but here's my question. I plan on Aerating this Saturday the 26th with my dad on most of my lawns which is gonna be killer :( . But my question is, we're gonna be aerating and either seeding or fertilizing the lawns. Some lawns are descent and I plan to spread some lawn food or like turf builder. Some lawns I have are like half good and the other half not too good; mostly full of weeds. I was wondering what I should put down in these areas. Would it be ok to put some weed killer on, or turf builder on or should I just spread some seed after aerating and it will turn out nice? What would have the best turnout? Give me some thoughts on what you would do. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
  2. greenman

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    I wouldnt even know where to start on the touchy topic. Do a search on applying pesticides without experience and license? You might be disappointed.
  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    If you are talking turfbuilder as in Scotts Turf Builder, they have a weed and feed mix that works suprisingly well. It contains a weed killer dust. So you could sorta kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Most of the time, more weedy lawns tend to have poorer soil and grass.

    Just make sure to read the directions carefully and make sure the turf is damp so the weed killer will stick to and kill the weeds. To make it easy, get an early start and get the weedy lawns while the dew is still on them.

    For the lawns that need seed and the ones that are real good, use a winterizer/starter fertilze. You won't be sorry with any of the results.

    I hope that helped.
  4. Premo Services

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    I agree with greenman----DO A SEARCH!!!!!!
    I also think that aerating late in the season as this might be some problems with the ground freezing before the turf can recover from the core aeration. I don't know about the times in your area, but mabey talk to a county agent, or co op to find out if it is ok to aerate at this time of the year where you are located.
  5. tremor

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    As for the basic ist question: A high Phosphorous (starter like 18-24-12) fertilizer combined with seed would be a nice followup to aeration. If no seed is used, then stick with whatever fertilizer blend is considered appropriate for this time of year by the local soil testing labs. Usually a 4-1-2 ratio but 1-0-1 ratios are gaining in acceptance.
    I wouldn't spread seed without the starter fertilizer. The result will be pretty pathetic by comparison.

    Turfbuilder is a trade name (The O.M.Scotts Co.) for nothing more than a bag of fertilizer. Nothing special about it at all. Turf Builder is a recognized name that consumers are used to hearing, but due to marketing costs, is rarely used by professionals.

    DO NOT apply any lawn herbicides when seeding!!!
    You need a commercial pesticide applicators lisence to apply ANY herbicide (or insectice, or fungicide, etc.) even if the homeowner picks it up at the local hardware store. If you get paid for what you do, and I hope you do, then your states going to recognize that it was a commercial endeavor. Here are some links that should help.

    Ohio is a great place to learn about Turf Science. You have some of the finest plant science schools right in you own back yard. Use them for all their worth.

    For Perdue training:

    For OSU training:

    You have some good associations too:

    Good Luck

  6. f350

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    i see no harm aerating this late in the year. we have done it all the way into december.. the plugs are not going to just disappear, before you know it spring will be here.
  7. joshua

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    lawnkid, its not to late for north ohio, i'm outside of youngstown, here goes a question, ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR FERTILIZING THE YARDS? if you say no then the weeds are not your problem, let the fertilizing company take care of them, with a good post emergent they should be gone in a few short weeks at the longest, question # 2 what kind of seed are you using? almost all the seeding deadlines have past for our area. when you seed just put down the turf builder, and if by chance the seed does come up this year, i doubt it will survive the winter-50/50 chance if its perr. rye.

    read the labels before you put down any fert.
  8. Arnold

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    I would just say that here it is not to late to aerate but I would hold of on any fert except a winterizer. I will also go along with the rest of them on the weed killer. The seeding could work out real well if the time is right. We have had good results with Blue Grass this time of year sort of a dormant seeding. But some times it works real good and some times it does't all depends on the winter "and my climate I bet is much different than yours" good luck with your business.
  9. lawnkid

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    I am kind of responsible for fertilizing my properties if the customer requests it but some accounts that are in bad shape I just got like this summer and need some repair. . By my house not one single leaf has fallen yet. I'm still waiting. The trees are slowly turning but nothing falling. Anyway, I doubt that aerating now will harm the grass because why would it. I think it'll still be ok fertilize like a winterizer or maybe a starter fertilizer for the seeds will work ok. If it doesn't work, I don't think it will harm anything. I also wanted to ask how deep i should go with aerating. I was thinking m,aybe like 1 1/2". Should I go lower? Any suggestions would help.
  10. Scraper

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    Doh! Hopefully all you are putting down is fertilizer. As for seed, getting a little late to get any establishment let alone germination before the temps drop.

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