Aerating Ballfields

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 65hoss, Jan 23, 2002.

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    A church ballfield complex with 4 baseball fields and I believe a soccer field is
    discussing aeration. Its 4.5 acres of area. Around 196,500 sf. Any ideas on how to
    price this.

    Would be using a 48" or 60" pull behind aerator. Behind my Lazer or my tractor. So
    equipment discussion isn't needed. Just ideas on how to price this amount of sf.
  2. $5 per a 1000 would turn you a nice healthy profit.

    I don't recomend using the Lazer.
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    5 per 1000 would be great.......even at 4 your looking at bad do you want it.This past fall I was running at 8 per 1000 with my walk-behind and was happy with that....chem lawn was getting around 12 to 15 per 1000 around here,always happy to take some of their business!!
  4. I aerated a little over a million sq ft last Oct. I charged $5per K sq ft.
    Used a 6' mill creek aerator. Made two passes. No fert, seed or topdressing. Just holes.
    Either I pulled good 2" cores or went back after a rain for free.
    So I'm echoing what LGF said.

  5. 23 acres nice David.

    What kind of tractor did you use?
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    What type of grass are you workin'? I like slicers on the fields I've done around here. Bermuda is the only grass we use on ballfields in our area.
  7. I mounted it to the front of my Toro 325-D 4WD.

    I had to make my own push arms for the drive unit.
    It takes a half a day to mount the arms, so the aerator's still on the Toro.
    I'm hoping to get to use it some this spring, before mowing starts.
    If you want to see a picture of it, let me know. I'll post one when it gets light enough to take a picture.

    It worked better than I expected.
    But I have to unload the cement block weights so the Toro can lift the aerator.
    The drive unit weighs 1,665#
    The deck for it weight 400# and the aerator 410# but it is mounted further out in front of the machine.
    But I'm working on that problem. I want to make a gizmo to transfer some of the drive unit's weight to the aerator, then be able to release the pressure so the toro's hydraulics can lift the aerator.

    Oh. looking up the specs, the aerator is 63" Not 6' like I said.

    BTW, I picked up my little earth&Turf model 200 spreader yesterday. They only had one left. They must have been a good deal!
    I still need a tractor to pull it though.

  8. Dave post a pic please.

    I mounted an aerator to the front of my Cushman years ago but the drive train was too weak for it.

    I am in search of the perfect aeration machine.
  9. KirbysLawn

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  10. That is a great setup Ray, but I need a tractor.

    I am looking at the AE-60.

    But I'm keeping my options open till I purchace one.

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