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Aerating Bermuda grass?


LawnSite Member
Charlotte, NC
Hey guys...what's the best way to aerate Bermuda grass? Spike or core? I've done lotsa' fescue but never Bermuda and I have a customer who wants it done along with pre-em, lime, etc...How long after aerating should I wait to apply pre-e, lime and fert? Thanks in advance for the help. This is a great site, glad I stumbled on it!!!


LawnSite Bronze Member
If it's common bermuda grass, I wouldn't bother. It thrives on neglect. Some of the hybrids may need a little more nursing. Most bermuda grasses crowd out weed growth unless the bermuda is in a lightly shaded area, in which case, it has more competition from crabgrass and other weeds. I treat bermuda grass as a weed just slightly north of your location.