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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by biffmar4, Jan 13, 2009.

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    Has anyone tried or heard of aerating bermuda in the winter to weaken/kill it and overseeding fescue at the same time. I have a friend that owns a sod company that caters to Alabama and south TN. He told me not to aerate bermuda in winter because it could kill or damage it. Since we deal primarily in fescue blends, I thought it would be worth a shot this winter. Just curious if anyone else has had experience with this method of controlling bermuda patches in fescue.


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    Down here the older New mexicans (we live in New Mexico) Burn their lawns with a propane burner. They torch it to a crisp, come spring time when it is 80 degrees on a regular basis the lawns start sto grow like crazy. They dump fert on inspring add water, and cha ching green lush lawn. We however dont do these as come May/June the weeds takeover.
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    I used to aerate and slit seed my lawn with transition blend in an attempt to control my Burmuda after the Burmuda went dormant in the Fall. All it seemed to do was make the Burmuda stronger.
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    Scalping and aerating in the winter will definitely weaken Bermuda. When I say scalping I mean to the dirt with a reel mower or line trimmer, nothing left kind of scalp. Not that weak azz 1" tall its brown so its scalped kind of scalp.

    The stored starches for the spring recovery is stored in the stolons and roots. Remove as much of those as you can and the spring flush will be moderately reduced.

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