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    I thought aerating was normally done in the fall. So, I guess twice a year is a good thing?
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    I agree with most of the folks here, a core aerator is the way to go, but here in GA/AL there are a lot of dethatching jobs for new customers with zoysia/burmuda that have let their grass grow too high and have never bagged, and have heavy thatch. The last two spring seasons I have done very well with a tow behind dethatcher.
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    Can a spike areator be trnsformed into a core areator?
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    For the amount of messin around with cutting and welding, I would just transform a couple handfuls of Washingtons into a core aerator.

    I am quite sure that there has been volumes written on these topics because I myself have written some of the volumes.
    True dethatching is a destructive process. Flail blades on vertical mowers rip thatch from the base. A lawn with a thatch problem has a major problem. Spring Tine or JRCO type machines are not dethatchers but they have a place in some areas for lawn care. It is basically a motorized rake. It does nothing for true thatch. It is a cosmetic process for a lawn but then again we are in business to make things look good also aren't we. I personally have great success with this type of raking in my area.
    Core aeration in itself is also a slightly destructive process. The benefit is that the lawn is allowed to breathe and expand its root system in the top 3 inches. The cores break down on the surface and increase microbial activity and basically eat thatch in the process. It may not look the best but it is very beneficial. Soil type and compaction will dictate number of aerations per year but it is never done in the hot summer months for a few reasons.

    So what to buy, both.
    Learn the differences and sell your customers on both services. Some people will understand the benefits of core aeration others will not. You are the professional who has to sell the customer on the service and know why you are doing it. These subjects are going to come up again and again and truthfully there is an archive full of info on aeration and dethatching. If you want to learn more you can search at your conveninence. Be more than an equipment operator, make money by selling your knowledge. Good Luck.
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    i got both, the tow dethatcher, and core aerator...

    when should the lawn be dethatched, now? just as the grass is starting to green, mostly dormant? or wait untill its totally green?

    Also....should i add weight to the tray on top of the dethatcher? it seems if i do, it pushes the spikes like 1'' into the soil....i cant see that as being a good thing.... no weight it just skims the top...i assume thats its job? no?

    i was going to dethatch them and then treat with the crabgrass prevention programs.

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