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A few months ago I purchased a JD mower.At the time,for this particular mower,I received a free attachment along with the mower.I chose a pull-behind aerator which contains several rows of rotating spikes and a container for fertilizer or whatever.I've never done any aerating but it's definitely something I intend to learn about and start doing.
Is this piece of equipment good enough to properly do this procedure or do I need something nicer and more expensive?Thanks.

Lawn Dog2001

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South Carolina
Most customers are going to want core aeration for sure. What you have is a spiker aerator. All this will do is poke tiny holes in the ground. You need something that is at least going to pull 2in cores up.


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I agree, people aren't going to pay you to use a spike aerator. You will have to get a core aerator. If money is tight and you don't want to buy one you can always rent one when you need it. I own a couple of aerators but last year I also had to rent some becuase we ended up using 6. Get the right equipment and aerating will be one of your biggest money makers.