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Aerating How Tos?

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First unlock your caps button. Second watch out for the sprinker heads
mark the sprinkler heads before you aerate
Go fast across concrete driveways and sidewalks (makes a neat sound and sparks).
First word of advice is to practice on several yards first. Do your friends, your own, your families. You WILL tear up turf while you are learning -- better on yards you are doing for free then yards you are getting paid to do.

Second -- charge the right amount for it. Atleast $10/k. I live in KC also and you can get that price all day long. Some will turn you down -- but in the long run you will make more money this way.
Pretty easy after the first lawn.
Don't try to make tight turns lift it on the wheels for all turn around's. Gradual turns are ok you'll get the hang of it real quick.

Pick long lines vs. short one but always up and down hills never across the lower side we'll be nice and deep but the upper side will be only about 1/2" if that.
add water to the drub for extra weight to get nice and deep. try for 3" if your lucky.

If at all possible water lawn good before doing it i try to get on it after a good rain that why you'll get nice deep cores. also try to get 9 holes per sq. ft.
hope that helps.
PM if any further questions.
Clean Cut,

Howdy neighbor :waving:
(Im in Dutchess County)

Welcome to Lawnsite!
I'm not new to lawnsite just been away for a while to busy to get a chance to do this hopefully i'll get to be more active but next thing you know i'll be back on plow site.
nice to see some one from the area is on this site.
One of the things I learned pretty quick is to test the sprinkler system before and after aeration, and make a note that you did on the invoice. Many times when I've called back customers in 6 months or a year for service, they will say something like " last time you broke a couple sprinklers, you should do it for free or at a discount or something" Of course they didn't call you the day after the service because it didn't happen. It give you a little back up.

Hole in 1
Lawn Aeration
All good tips given above....and as mentioned, make darn sure you know how to stop it on a dime. Depending on the kind of machine you use, they can easily get away from you, especially on wet, sloped turf. I have a Lawnaire 28. THis thing is a beast to handle but it pulls great cores....but this spring it got away from me(my own stuipidity) and smashed thru a couple barberries.

Something else to remember...while its best to have some moisture in the ground when you aerate, if the ground is too wet/ saturated, will just end up making a muddy mess and the cores removed will not be what they need to be. In order to give the customer their moneys worth, you need to plan the aerations as much as possible so you do them with the right soil conditions. Most customers will water their lawn for you the night b4 if you ask them.....and please....charge at least $10 per 1000...and thats a low number in my neck of the woods.
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Sprinkler heads are a good tip. One just as important is always ask if ther is an INVISIBLE DOG FENCE buried on the property. I also ask if the neighbors have one. I have never done it but I am sure there are a few guys here have cut them. They only bury that little bugger an inch or so underground. The homeowner installed models have been seen floating on the grass.
My little helpful hint. Oh yes one more thing, its hard work and charge big for it.
yep...I have Invisible Fence...and yep I have cut it 2 years out of 3 on my own yard...and I even had them come out and mark where it was....cut it so bad last spring had to order 900 feet of it to re-lay more aeration any where close that d--- thing.
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