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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by equipment_lister, Sep 15, 2004.

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    I am new to the site and had a question about aerating. I would like to start a aeration buisness for larger lawns 1/2 acre and up, I currently have a New Holland TC29 tractor and have been looking at a 3pt aerator. Would it be possible to sub for others who do not have large aerators? What should I charge for 1/2, 1, 2 acres of aeration? I would only like to target larger subdivisions and smaller estates where people care about how their lawn looks. I was also considering gettting into overseeding and seeding new lawns. I have used a Gill Super Turf Renovator on my lawn and a couple of friends lawn and gave great results. I would only like to do this in the spring and fall for extra $$ at least to start. Also this would help justify the tractor. So qustions are:
    1. Is there a market for larger lawns?
    2. If so, what to charge here in Michigan?
    3. Would anyone here like to offer larger aeration services to their customers
    but haven't because their limited equipment resources?
    4. Overseeding, can I make money doing this? Larger areas?
    5. Larger 1/2+ acres new lawns installation?
    6. What will make the most dph? Dollars per hour.
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    I really haven't found a great market in aeration for larger lawns. Prices for aeration as anywhere between $7 to $15 per 1,000sq ft
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    we have a gator-rator front mount aerator and we to sub-contracting for several company with condo complexes, large residential, industrial ect....we did some work for Heppner Landscape Services in A2....i generally try to price aeration about the same as i would cut for when im subbing out to works out well and we get a few calls in every season to sub some aerations...but i dont think there a market to do just aerations

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