aerating plugs, what to do with???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CelticGreens, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. CelticGreens

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    i asked a question about plugs in a prior thread, but thought i would get more opinions. the process of aerating is new to me, im trying to completely educate myself so i can offer the service. is it true that you just leave the plugs on the lawn??? i always thought you had to rake them up, rendering the service tiring and unprofitable. but i was told you leave them on the lawn, is this true? I understand the benefits, but doesn't it make the lawn look herendous? how long before the plugs disipate back into the lawn? how long before the lawn starts to take a turn for the better, look-wise?
  2. cooksjr537

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    no after a couple of weeks and a few showers they will disappear.
  3. SeacoastDesignsL&L

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    The reason to aerate is to aleive soil compaction and get more oxygen into the soil. It is perfectly acceptable to just leave the plugs on the lawn, most people do just because of how long it takes to pick all the plugs up. I usually only pic the plugs up by just blowing them into a pile with a ground and backpack blower on high end lawns that would complain about how it looks. Other options to break up the plugs instead of picking them all up is dragging a chain link piece of fence or something similiar, that will break them up and not make them so visible. I have also ran the mower over the lawn after with a bagger to try to pick some off the plugs up and break up the rest. Hope that helps.
  4. Soupy

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    The plugs have good nutrients in them and should be left. They will break up just fine during the first mowing. You shouldn't aerate unless the grass is actively growing, so it is likely you will be mowing soon after.
  5. jajwrigh

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    Leave the plugs! How could anyone possibly be profitable if they took the time to collect all the plugs? Be realistic peope!
  6. Old Red

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    CGreens, Leave the plugs. On golf courses they do pick up the plugs, there is expensive machinery built to do just that, as they would interfere with play. On lawns the plugs will break apart, the time to do so is dependent on the type of soil, rain, etc.
  7. David Grass

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    The increased surface areas provided by the plugs for grass seed to germinate well, is a great benefit. Try to get your customers used to Core Aeration/overseeding in tandem!
  8. redoak77

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    If u are really worried about the plugs, look into using an aeravator. It has vibrating prongs that go into the ground, make plug size holes but just loosen everything up
  9. yrdandgardenhandyman

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    Wouldn't this just compact the soil more?

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