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aerating questi0n, one dir. or two

This is my first season aerating. I was hopeing to do some in the next couple of weeks. I figured once I start cutting , it would be the best time to start aerating. I hope that is correct.
My questiong is this. I had a fellow call and wanted to know if I aerat in both directions.
I thaought I would do it like I mowed the lawn, up and down once , covering the grass. He wants it up and down, then back and forth over it again. Is this common practice, or do I bill him for a double aeration....


LawnSite Bronze Member
Normal practice. Usually aerating is 2 to 3 times the price of the yard.


LawnSite Bronze Member
i usually do a double pass as well. when i bid however, i use 20,000 sqft an hour, and charge accordingly.