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    Everyone from my area aerates their lawn once a year, sometimes twice a year. I own a ryan aerator, and dont mind doing it for them, but my question is:
    Does aerating actually work? or do anything? and for what kind of grass/lawn
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    I love your before and after pics that were a different house.

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    I hate to defend the man, but it's the same house...look at the brick pattern between the middle window and the window on the right. However, I somehow doubt you can attribute all that to just aerating :laugh:
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    It is pretty funny, but it isn't my site...

    I think the guy photoshopped it, there are a couple of parts could use fixing.
    The plug is real thou, even I was amazed, he did tell me it was a rare one :laugh:
    Same aerator thou, I bought the classen from him.
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    I think that would push the skeptical homeowner right into to his wallet. Email it to him or have a copy for him to look over while you lay some strpes on the lawn.

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