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lyndhurst nj
im in the lyndhurst new jersey area, i need some help on aerating. what equiptment u use and how it works. what u guys offer with it. and what is about the charge for it and about how long it takes u do do it. any help would be great


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Northern NJ
Have you ever used an aerator before? If not I suggest you go to your local rental place and rent one. The charge and amount of time it takes depend on the size of the property being aerated. Some LCOs offer overseeding with it and usually fertilize after aerating.


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Forked River, NJ
im in the lyndhurst new jersey area, i need some help on aerating. what equiptment u use and how it works. what u guys offer with it. and what is about the charge for it and about how long it takes u do do it. any help would be great
If you plan on penetrating the ground in NJ with any machinery ie: aerator, you're suppose to contact NJ One Call (800-272-1000) to have the property marked out 3 days prior to your work so you don't hit service lines to the house. I know this sounds silly for aerating, but if you clip a Verizon line & didn't call ahead, you're liable and will have to pay the Verizon fee to fix it. Landscapers are exempt on residential properties using hand tools (not machinery), but it's just as easy to clip a poorly run line with a shovel, so just call if you're going to dig. Also, make sure you mark out sprinkler heads if they have irrigation.

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I rent a ryan usually every year, I don't do a ton of it but usaually a day or two in the spring. They are a bugger on a slope, there a lot of work, but work well and generate good revunue.

One year I had a whole wack to do and did it with a helper. We just tag teamed it all day. That worked really great, got a rest every couple minutes but the aerator ran all day.

I'm on heavy clay and like to do it in early to mid April. That way the cores dry up and rain washes them in to the lawn to level or topdress. By the time I make the first cut in May alot of roots have developed in the holes and the clay isn't sticking to my equipment.

Saturday is a good day to do it. Start with one and next you know you are doing the neighbours . Last year we started with a couple to roll and earate. We were at it all day. On the trailer I had a roller , an aerater, walker with dethatcher, Fert spreader for fert, and to broadcast seed after aerating. A couple of 50 dollar jobs turned into a 1000 dollar day

I charge a min of 50 bucks. Usually a half hour per lawn, Get the neighbours , get them done in a hour go to the next. Its great as both you and the costumer will have spring fever.:clapping:

Hope this is helpful


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Albuqueruqe NM
Well we do around 300-400 aerations and powerakes every spring. we use ryans and plugr brand aerators. We have had bluebirds, clausen, snappers, and the ryans are the best along with the plugr brand.

We will power rake (dethatch) lawn first, rake that up, then mow it, then mark the heads for the areation, and the aerate lawn. We usually dont overseed in the spring because of the pre emergent we apply. if we do overseed the we will not apply pre emergent.

We start with a base price per property. Usually a $75-$85 minimum for one or the other, if we are doing both we will knock $10 bucks off. The mowing is free with powerake. It helps clean the lawn up. Power raking starts at $85. We will add an additional $15 every 2-3000 sq ft for aeration and power rakes. The lawn needs to be watered at least 2-4 times before you come and service the lawn, and no watering the day before we come(power raking a wet lawn is a nightmare on the hand rakes and the back).

we start aerating March 1st and will continue well into may. We will usually power rake all the lawns we service and return at a later date to do the aeration and fert. This way they can water the lawn for the best results when we do the aeration. For lawns that we do not service during the summer we will do it all in one stop. A typical aeration, powerake, mow and fert will bring in about $185 per job. I started out renting the equipment 10 years ago and have built up our client base to nearly 350 customers that we service every spring, not including 1st time customers. We currently have 3 power rakes and 4 aerators. We just added another plugr 800 model last week, picked it up for $900 off craigslist, the thing runs awesome and was barely used by the guy. We have one crew and thats all they do from March 1st til may along with the occasional prune and clean. Its a huge part of our business and always has been. We also run an add in the paper that starts in March and ends in April along with door hangers.

You will spend around $2500-$3000 for a ryan brand new and the same for a plugr, plugr sells a rental unit for under $2000 or you can rent one for around $70 a day. Sometimes Home depot or a rental company will sell aerators that are 3 years old for around $5-600 this time of year and they are in decent shape. We had a few that we bought and used for a couple of years and ended up selling them for $1000 ans only paid $600 for them. This is a good investment. Even if you buy one of the used ones and use it for the spring and resell it as summer starts you will be able to sell it for what you paid for it if not more. Good luck and if you have not done aeration before get ready for a sre back the first couple of days:/.
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