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  1. kemmer

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    I am offering aerating this season for the first time. I will be renting a machine when i do it. I just have a few questions, when is the best time to aerate? Spring or Fall? Also should i seed after? if so, should i use the same seed on every lawn or use the same type thats on the lawn already? If i use the same seed for every lawn, what should i use that would be the best?
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    Typically it is suggested to aerate in the fall. I get more calls for it in the spring. I do my lawn in the spring and fall both. I put 1/2 seed down before and the other 1/2 down after, but to each his own. If you were going to do one or the other, probably putting down afterwards would yield the highest germination rate. If it's a fescue lawn, I would suggest overseeding with fescue seed.....that's a no brainer.

    Good luck
  3. ashs inc

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    We try to schedule all day worth of aeration. Any time is a good time for aeration.
  4. lawncare3

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    I aerate spring/mid summer/fall.
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    I have been doing more and more in the fall, but Spring or Fall seems to work, overseed only with same seed as the lawn you are applying it to. Since you are renting, obviously line up as many lawns as you can.

    When I can, I schedule aerating in the fall and only thatch, fertilize, pre-em in the Spring.

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