aeration / 2 wb or one ride on??

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by fl-landscapes, Jan 13, 2010.

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    FL - I think you answered your own question. Since you have a BG WB then get the big boy as your next purchase - this thing flys. Use the smaller one to get into tight spaces and do smaller jobs and the big boy to med to bigger jobs. The other thing to consider is the big boy will pull much deeper plugs - up to 5 or 6 inches.
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  4. fl-landscapes

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    Yes I've always considered the weight of the bigger ride on as a bonus for pulling better plugs as long as the soil isnt so moist you rut.
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    i would probably say the ride-on...are backyards an issue with a 36" gate though?...doesn't look like the ride-on would fit through a 36" gate, unless they make a smaller unit, the walk behinds look like they will...the ride-on a VERY less fatiguing though, aerating isn't an easy job, and this particular unit looks like an awesome machine...

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