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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by trying 2b organic, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. trying 2b organic

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    do you have the customer mark heads before you arrive. If not do you have to have customer turn irrigation on to find all the heads to flag. Do you find it pretty easy finding and flagging heads prior to aerating? ty for the input and advise. i have flags and mark but i miss the ones in the middle of the lawn sometimes, will it break the head if it hits it. then what?
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    I ask the customer to flag the heads. Usually they get a map when they are installed. If they don't know where they are, I ask them to turn on the sprinklers so we can mark them. If not, I usually won't do 'em. I had a customer that had never turned on his sprinklers in his house, didn't know where they were, didn't know how to even turn the thing on. He told me to just go ahead and aerate anyway, I hit like 6 of them. They were buried in the grass and never saw them. Guy didn't even care. Go figure. But usually I won't do it if they aren't marked.

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    besides sprinklers don't foget to ask about invisible fences for dogs. My cousin rented an aerator this fall and caught his. He wasn't very happy.
  4. Kelly & Sons

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    I normally do it myself, turn on each zone, mark the heads with flags, aerate... then follow up with a healthy feeding of TelStar (or whatever fertilizer you use...) Then finish up by blowing the driveway & sidewalks off. Typically, I charge $100 per yard. (none of my yards are more than about 1/2 acre.)
  5. trying 2b organic

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    ty very much for great advise, the place i worked at before i started on my own used to have us just try to flag them even if the cust wasnt home to turn it on, it was kind of a "hit and miss" policy and approach. pun intended. just edged a lawn for a customer, gave est. based on using power edger, found a line of sprinkler heads buried along edge, ( i should have guessed prob) and had to do whole edge with half moon hand tool.

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