aeration and seed equipment for old guys

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by HBFOXJr, Jul 26, 2004.

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    Although exercise is good, my body is physically unable to take the pounding of muscling around walk behind aerators and seeding equipment. I figure anything good for me would also be good for my guys moral, bodies and productivity too.

    I own a PG spreader and would like easy to handle equipment capable of getting through the same small areas as the PG, ie: 36" openings for the most part.

    I know there have or are aerators for the front of Walker mowers and another one I saw here a year or 2 ago for the front of ztr mowers that raises and lowers.

    I already own a split drive aerator, 48" tow behind aerator and Ryan Mataway slit seeder. I want easier, less physical, operation that produces a quality job.

    A "seeding system" with a power unit of a 36" hydro walk behind with removable 1. core aerator, 2. slit seeder (drop would do like blue bird) and 3. s tined wheel rake like a hay rake to move the resultant debris quickly would be great. Put it on a Walker or equivilent riding piece, better yet.

    What do you guys know or what have you built?
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    Jrco Inc makes aerators and spreaders for walk behind units. Visit
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    Perma Green sells an aerator that sets up on the ultra unit. or you can easily get it to fit the centri unit (on centris you will need to modify the breaks)
    Basicly it is a sulky that replaces the one on the your body weight drives the tines into the ground.

    These are not core aerators but solid tine aerators.

    I personally do not recommend them.... actually forgive this reply,they aint worth the $1700...but if you are interested I'll give you a great deal on one we have that has been used on only 2 lawns.

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    here u go this should help

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    Check out the z-spray aerator, when I talked to the owner a while back he said they were considering adding a overseeder option to the unit. Not sure if they went anywhere with that, but should be an easy add on.
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    best solution i have come up with after trying everything else (havnt tried the Z Plugger, looks like an outstanding piece of equipment) But the best thing i have come up with (I am about to have my 50th birthday).................................

    hire an able bodied 20 something year old! :)
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    I like it. I guess the best way to describe it is like plowing snow. Drop the piston to do a pass then raise the piston at the end, like lifting/pushing snow over the curb. There is a routine I get into to line the ztr up when doing the next pass. You cant turn when the tines are in. Good penetration, 3 3/4 Inch max when soil is wet. Fast, Nice unit, cheaper than ZPlugr. I have put a mounting bracket for the Gator Rator on a 32" walkbehind. I have only tested is a couple of times, I am waiting for the ground to soften up here. The Ztr puts plenty of weight on the tines. There are 2 modular attachments you can get for another $800 that upgrade Tines 32" approx to 56". Fast as can be.

    picture 044reduced.jpg
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    I've talked to the z plug people. Is there a web site for the Gator Rator?

    What about seeding equipment. Anything progressive out there?

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