Aeration and Seeding

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by bestline, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. bestline

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    I was wondering if someone wasnt going to overseed would aeration still help the yard you think? I basically just mow and never done uch aeration so a little help would be appreaciated. Thanks
  2. AOD

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    Aeration helps weather the turf has been overseeded or not. Aeration relieves soil compaction and lets air, water and nutrients deeper into the soil. Most guys aerate in the late summer/early fall, but you're pretty far south so that might not matter as much.
  3. RodneyK

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    One of if no the best thing you can do for lawns regardless of seeding or not...
  4. SangerLawn

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    I just sent you a message so make sure to check your profile page. I am from Huntsville myself :)

    With mostly Bermuda grass in your area you will be fine to aerate right now. Make sure not to aerate fescue until fall or you will kill it. It wont be able to take the heat and will die as soon as the temps raise up.

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