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    I need some open ideas on what some of you would charge to aerate 109,000 sqft. about 80K of it they want over seeded as well. Here's the info I have on this job:

    -Total of Four separate communities all within 2-3 city blocks of each other.
    -Some large slopes through out.
    -About 75% flat with a few trees spread out on all 4 communities.
    -2 communities have irrigation
    -Only have to do the "Common Areas" that total 109K, I got the plat sheet(survey) from the Pres. of the board.

    I figured it would take me and another guy about 5-6 hrs(we have to mark all the sprinkler heads) to do. One will use the pull behind and the other will have to huff those hills with the walk behind Turfco Aerator. This development is located right in the Down town area so we would have to load and unload to each job site. Not a big deal considering that there is less than 5min of windshield time from point A to B.

    What should I charge??

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