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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, May 8, 2001.

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    hey guys. i was talking with a guy today at this townhouse complex that i had bid on. i didnt get the bid. however he and i had talked for a while and he asked me to give them a price for aerating the place. there are 45 homes at approximatley 6 thousand square feet per home the properties are mostly hills. i told the guy that i would aerate after it rains. and if there is any small torn up areas i would throw down some grass seed. so i have to figure in for a 50 lb bag of grass seed too. but that would not be a part of the contract. the rental of the machine is i believe 80 dollars a day. if i rent for 7 days i only have to pay for 4. the machine i would get is 28" self propelled walk behind. my helper gets 110 a day on the books. i would just leave him there for however long it takes. how much would you guys say? i am figuring on 300,000 of turf to cover 2 times criss cross it X when i did the bid for cutting the grass i had put in for 1500 a cut. it would take 4 guys 10 hours to cut with 61 and 48" ztr's (2 guys cut / 2 guys trim) just to let you all know. i have until the end of this week to get the bid in. so if you guys have any numbers coming to mind could you please help me out? i am thinking $3,000.00 plus tax. however that is only 1 dollar per M so i think it is a bit low. please help me out!
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    Have you ever thought about buying vs. renting? If you bought the machine you would ahve it longer than 7 days no charge for rental. Me and my partner has recently bought an aerator.(lesco 30) Total cost $535.00. Paid for itself almost on the first job. We normally charge between $15.00 - $25.00 per thousand sq. ft. If it is on the difficult side the price just went up! You can make alot of money if you own the machine.

    ( Most people just get the front done......... if that is the case and the lawn is below 2500 then it is a $45.00 min.)

    good luck and i hope that this is of some help!

    To get to the top of a mountain you can bet there is going to be a strugle...............but once your there it's all worth it.
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    thanx for the advice. i figure i am gonna put in for the range of about $3,500 - $4,000 plus tax. cause i looked more closely and it is only about 250,000 sq ft. so it shouldnt be that bad. my question to you is, where do you buy an aerator for 500 dollars? i just looked at the landscaper supply catalog and a 19" aerator is just shy of 2 G's. to get a ryan aerator i would assume is around 3 - 4 G's.
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    I few numbers in mind. You are going to do 5.7 acres (twice) with a 28" walk behind? That's at least 18 soild hours walking behind an aerator....have fun.

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    I'm with Ray. Use the pull behind.
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    pull behind will not work here. all the properties have lots of gardens. actually do you guys know if i could get an aerator to put on the front of a walk behind? that would work. or maybe just put it on the front of a tiger. but no, um a pull behind wouldnt do it because not only are the properties all full of gardens and small, but also they are on bad hills. all of them. whether the hill be in the back going down or in the back going up. a tractor would just roll or get stuck. a tiger may do it with one on the front. that thing is supposed to be 1500 at landscaper supply. and 38" wide. so i may do that. and just putz on the tiger for a rain day. says it can do 66,000 sq ft. in an hour @ 5 mph in open areas. but my real question is the price. if i spend 1500 on the attachment even 1700 on it then i still make about 2,000 for myself - gas, insurance, the big one (food) at 3,500. so i think i may do it like that. but how does 3500 sound if i am gonna do it on my own on a rain day?

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