Aeration & Dethatching 2020 Prices

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I dont do any aeration but do plenty of dethatching. I use.jrco attachment set pretty deep in my opinion works well and with bagger its a one or 2 pass job for decent size properties. The small ones I have raked by hand, usually are hilly also.

I have used aerator in fall an old Billy goat rental unit. It was a beast only did few lawns and I was beat. Looking at different options for this year if enough interest.


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Classen split drive is what we have here. Have read that the Turf XT5 is nice but is single hydro. The "Lexus" walk behind is the Stinger 24"? dual hydro. Ran one at GIE and it is like running a hydro walk mower. Literally, that easy. If you guys are in this for the long haul and have the $ to invest that is the only machine I would consider.
i concur with this statement.. i was there at the GIE too and tried the slit seeder as well.. easy peasy..


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10k on an overseed for us is generally $199. Aerate that at roughly $100. Fertililzer we'd be roughly $100 depending on which fert. Our prices could be a bit higher depending on seed variety, fert, and any goofy yard issues for aeration.
So, you put down 30+# of seed for $99? Most aeration and over seeding starts at $35/k and goes up from there. A lot of guys are at $40+ all the way up to $65/k.

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