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    I have been monitoring this site for many months but have not posted anything until now. Since I recently added aerating, dethatching, and seeding to my services, I wanted to find out how people charge. I know people's opinion on asking the "pricing" question so hopefully you guys will not be to angry. I read a recent post on aerating for $15-$20 per 1000 sq ft. What price do people use for aerating, dethatching, and seeding at the same time? When I figured out the amount to pay for equipment rental, time, seed, and disposing of the dead grass, I came up with an outrageously high number of $75.00 per 1000 sq ft on a 5000 sq ft lawn. It does not sound like I will get any customers at that price. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    I dont ever measure my yards but I figure most of them to be about 5k. I can come in and aerate and overseed in less than an hour and charge about 150-175 for this. Dethatching is totally different you know right?? It involves the dethatch and then raking all of the debris up and doing somthing with it. I only had to dethatch 3 yards last year, all of them 200 a pop. The actual dethatch only takes about 15 mins and then the raking/clean up takes about an hour for these jobs.
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    Yea, I know dethatching is totally different and takes much longer than aerating. That is why I came up with such a high number per 1000 sq ft. I guess for dethatching its better to charge by the job. Thanks for the help.
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    Question back at ya
    when was the last time you had an appliance repairman out to your house? Did you come out for free? Probably 35 to 50 bucks just to come look at your unit. Why would you not charge at least 75 for the first 1000 sq ft. It is gonna cost you $50 just to drive out there. Under pricing will kill you...

    Also come up with standard pricing for aeration. such as a price for 0 to 5000, 5000 to 10,000 and so on. Be sure to figure in your show up charge...Gas costs money even if you do work for free..

    Dethatching....Be sure to figure in how much it will cost you to dump 5 pickup loads of crap at the local land fill...I will dethath a lawn for peanuts as long as I do not have to pick it up or haul my drift.

    Overseeding...figure machine plus labor plus drive time plus seed...seed is expensive and you will wear out blades on your overseeder..they cost

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