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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by snomaha, Apr 3, 2017.

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    We were awarded the contract to maintain 20 acres of soccer fields this year. The specs require dragging the field after aeration to break up cores. We have a metal drag mat we use to drag dirt after sprinkler installs - I'm afraid it will damage the turf. Has anyone used Core Buster drag mats made of plastic?
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    I have not used plastic but the steel chain link types will not damage the field. You need something heavy and will probably need to go over it a couple directions. It will leave a lot of fuzzy material (dead stems and grass clippings you will stir up) on the surface. One mowing should take care of those. FYI, the steel mat will leave a pronounced light/dark striping that may persist through several mowing. Best bet is drag in straight lines. The faster you drag the better it typically works but make your turns slower.front edge of drag mat should be a couple inches off the ground while the bulk of it should lay flat. Mat will be full of junk when you finish. Just lift it with tractor bucket to hand it from a tree with a rope and hot the mat with the back edge of a flat shovel. Most of it will fall out.
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