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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by guntruck, Apr 17, 2001.

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    I know this has been covered quite alot but i did not find what i was looking for in my search so here we go. Tomorrow i would really like to get some aeration and overseeding jobs done. The rain has really backed us up with lawns and mulching etc. I only have three left to do, but the ground is very very wet. We were cutting today and boy let me tell ya it was like swamp land everywhere. Now we had dryness all day and tomorrow is gonna be sunny and a high of 50 after a 30 degree night. The question is usually how soft must the ground be to aerate but here it is how wet can it be before you say well its too wet we cant aerate? Has there ever been a time when its too wet and you cant do it? There is no standing water just really soft ground. Also real quick how about the overseeding? I realize fall is best and early spring is next choice but i have freezing temps for the next three nights will the seed be ok if i broadcast tomorrow? Will they stay ok till warmer temps stimulate germination? THanks
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    It depends on the aerator. My old one would just push holes in soft ground and if it was too hard, you needed a lot of weight on it. My new one works well in any condition. It will pull plugs in mush or hard stuff. If your not messing up the turf aerating it now and still pulling plugs, go for it.

    If you put down seed now, it will lay there til it's warm enough and wet enough to germinate.
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    I always like to wait until the ground is pliable enough to get the coreing tines into the ground without haveing to overwork the machines.

    As for putting down the seed, I would wait until the ground is warm enough for the seed to take hold. If for some reason you get into a cold snap that doesnt break for quite some time then you could have a negative image abpout your company for rushing into things.

    You are going to be educating your clients on whats best for their properties. Make sure that you set a good example otherwise they will look for another teacher.

    We have all year to get their lawns into shape, dont hurry - have patience and you will prosper financially in the end.


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