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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Victo, Jan 19, 2005.

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    I am just wondering if any of Florida LCO's provide Aeration. Most of the grass here in Tampa is St. Augustin and some Bahia. So, anyone does this, when do you ussually do? Winter or Summer and what is purpose of doing it?
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    I offer it, so far no takers.

    2 major reasons.
    Compaction. People who drive on their yards need it loosened up
    organic matter. People who have seashells for soil need compost added and core aerating prior to adding compost will help alot with mixing in the compost.

    I wouldn't buy an aerator. Advertise for it and rent one if you get takers. It can do wonders, but very few people even think of it here.
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    Professional turf managers know the value of aeration and do it regularly. How ever homeowner feel this is not needed on Florida sandy soil. How wrong they are. Florida's calcareous Sandy soil has no tensile strength and compacts very easily. Since you are in a larger market, you might find a market for aeration among those who had it done in the north. It would be a Missionary sales job because you would need to show a value for something that is not recognized as a normal Turf service in this area. TrueGreen Offers this service and they are the only one I know of that does. They also put down a fast acting granular fert with aeration. Certainly an Aeration with compost topdressing would do nothing but improve the soil on coastal Florida turf. This could be a real good area to specialize in. You may even try to hook up with some large pest control lawn spray companies to sell it for you. BTW to my knowledge no rental company in my area has Aerators for rent, let alone top dressers. Therefore it would require purchasing equipment. However it could be a stand alone business if you were to hook up with the right marketing device.

    Think about this and do some checking with Large pest control lawn spray companies in your area. I have the equipment but never pushed the Idea because of other work. If you can see a large enough market for this, then PM me and we can talk some more. However first do some research in your area. Should you hook up with say Middleton pest control or a company like them they could be sending you business from all over the state.

    Below is some information to get you started on your marketing quest.


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