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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by acculawnsystems, Oct 7, 2012.

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    How many times do you wish you had a system in place that can do the bidding for you during peak times of the year so you can focus on getting the jobs done instead of wasting fuel and time driving all over town to give bids? Think about how many more aeration and overseed jobs that you could get done if the business flowed in on its own with you not wasting anytime chasing it. There is a system on place that can do all of this. It is call Also, check out what the homeowner will see when getting an instant bid at
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    My bidding takes place every time I run an aeration advertisement. I'm targeting specific customers. Thankfully I have nearly a 90% close ratio because my ad states the price up-to such-n-such square feet & if they're calling then they are obviously interested. This mode works beautifully.

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    Measurement assistant does the same and captures a picture.
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    That is perfect! A potential customer knows up front your basic pricing. If you know your prices and can communicate that, the closing process will be a cinch.
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    It would be nice to be able to take a look at how your system works BEFORE I enter a credit card number.
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    Before I started flat-rate pricing I was taking calls while out working & without an I-pad I'd tell them I would call back later when I returned to the office(home). Then 6 hours later I found I was getting their Voicemail when calling with pricing & that was the start of phone-tag. Not an easy business experience for sure. Now I take the call & if i'm nearby I might be able to squeeze it in or at the very least i'll schedule their service right there & then.
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    Props to the people that are trying to capture niche business and to the people at acculawn et all but FFS if there is no time to talk to the customer and actually represent your own company and sell the work there is something amiss with your business model.

    Given that fact....the service may provide some assistance to people in that situation at least so I am all for it in that sense.

    How hard is it to call the potential or current customer and estimate their job over the phone with a satellite program of your choice or even do a drive by and leave a quick quote in the door.

    Geez Louise.

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