Aeration is it to late?


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If he's calling, go collect the money. Its not the best time for it, but it will be ok if he intends to put a winterizer down.

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When doing an aeration in december, wouldn`t it hurt the grass,because the root system would be exposed to freezing temps before it has had a chance to come back from the aeration?
Hello Everybody:

I've talked to the County Agent about this several times & he says it's ok to aerate any time of the year except during frost. I think that would only be common sense not during the frost.

If you have a County Agent, they are very helpful & can help you quite a bit in most cases. I used mine a lot & got a lot of very good advice! They have a great deal of know how, experience & all kinds of resources to help you & your company be successful! BTW that's their job!

Sorry for the Short Post, I'll try to do better next time!