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THe aerating season will start for me the end of august and i am lookin for literature on the benefits and reasons for aeration too put in with each persons bill. I figure if i can put a nice color full brochure in with each persons monthly bill it will really save me alot of time instead of calling costomers one by one and offering the service along with a explanation. I have seen in pro magazine where you can order this type of thing from ryan for 20 bucks (100 of them). sounds good too me... has anyone seen them? anyone no of other good ones?


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Contact your local extension agent. They have lots of literature and other info.


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Contact your nearest Lesco dealer, they have really cool flyers, brochures, and doorknob hangers for aeration explaining all the benefits and why the lawn should be aerated. If you ask for what is called a "Northern Kit" they'll give you a whole packet of sample literature for your customers. What many people do is just use some ideas from these and print their own.


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Got mine from Lesco, great color fliers with blades of grass &quot;choking&quot; with the text &quot;Your lawn can't breath!&quot;. They also have a follow-up flier that has the same blades of grass looking healthy and with muscles stating &quot;Today we aerated your lawn!&quot; On the back it has watering instructions, I formated it with my printer and print my company info on it.<p>Ray

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