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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Plug It Lawn Aeration, Jun 30, 2009.

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    Hello. I officially started Plug It Lawn Aeration this Spring. After aerating about 6-8 friends' lawns each year (including my own), I decided to push it just a bit. I picked up 50 accounts last fall and another 60 this Spring. Aeration is a niche service in my area and I have decided to focus only on this service. I like the seasonal nature of it and do not want the weekly commitment of mowing. I mowed several lawns while I was in college and enjoy it, but don't have time with my job. I am planning on picking up 100 aerating jobs or more this fall. Thanks to all that have given so many users of this site advice when starting out.

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    Good for you that you found a niche in your area. It seems like a great business idea. Good luck to you and welcome to the site.
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    If you don't mind me asking do you just use one commercial aerator? I'd be curious to what all equipment you need to start this kind of niche business. Cool idea. I know a lot of people who go down to the rental place, rent one of those heavy buggers and do it themselves. However, if the price was fair I think they'd go for that service in a minute just to keep from the pain of the rental.
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    Bump for an old thread


    Plug it aeration,

    How has the aeration only business model been going? 18 months later?

    Any others out there having solid success with this model?
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    Must not of worked out so well.....kinda hard to make a living on a supplemental service in a seasonal business... doing it part bad i was intrigued.

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