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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Sep 20, 2001.

  1. I know this has been done before and just wanted to give you guys and gals somthing to do. I have a lawn that is 28,000 rounded up. It's a medium to medium rare dence turf.

    Price it for all below and using Lesco Team-mates seed


    Starter fertilizer:


    2,000 sq/ft of slit seeding:

    I will try to sell this at the best price given. I know what my prices are. But this is somewhat of a contest. No prize, but pride. I will let you all know who won when I sell it.

  2. HBFOXJr

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    2K of everything or are the other services of greater sq ft than the slit seed.
  3. sorry plus 2,000 sq/ft of slit seeding. In the same area as you are aerating

  4. HBFOXJr

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    2K of everything? OR 2K of slit in a larger area aerated, fertilized etc.
  5. Lawn DOG

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    Using my formulas this is simple. I would charge $808.00.
  6. HBFOXJr

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    Sorry I missed the 28K in the beginning.

    Aeration $288.00, one trip

    fert $102.00 reg appl price for 28K

    slit seed incl seed, Ryan Mataway, $70.00 1 way, 4 lb/k

    total $420.00

    esti prod time 2.25 hr +.5 hr more to mark spr
    mobilize and travel allowance .50 hr

    probable used time 3.5 hr
    material 2 bags 28-3-10 w/ 50% Nutralene $25.65
    8 lb Team Mates PLus $10.77
    total$36.42 incl tax

    $420 - 36.42=$382.58/ 3.5 hr + $109.59/hr returned to owner
  7. Thanx Harold. Since no one was repying, I sold it for $420. I noticed you put the same price. I did it today. Thanx for the reply. I guess we use some what the same price scale. BTW it took 2 of us 1.75 hrs to complete. Lawn Dog how did you come up with yours?

  8. Premo Services

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    Harold`s price was actually 460.00, I was thinking in the same lines with the aeration, and fertilizing, but was unsure about the slit seeding prices.

    I have started doing this service, and have not bid on a slit seeding job yet.
    So you are saying that the slit seeding rate is 35.00 per 1000s/f.
    What would be the charge if you was to slit seed larger areas, say 10,000 or more s/f ? Do you offer a discount for larger areas ?
  9. We used a tow aerater. One guy pulled it and the other spread the fert and seed and ran the slit seeder.

    I just went fo $15 per 1000


    Me forgot to add the extra 2,000 for slit seeding.DUH! Had to do in a hurry.

  10. KirbysLawn

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    How many pounds per 1000 did you apply? What was the cost of the seed?

    Harold, 8 pounds seed for 28,000 sf of dead turf?

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