Aeration Overseed or Overseed Aeration or Aeration Overseed Aerate Again.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by CrewCutEnterprises, Oct 11, 2006.

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    Ok, Well as we all know its that time of year.

    We normally Aerate, Then fertilize, and lastly overseed. This works fine but I was wondering if overseeding first may help cover the seed with some dirt (mainly in areas of little or no growth or shady areas)

    has anyone ever tried to aerate, overseed, fertilize, and then aerate again.

    Just wondering.

    Also what does everyone use to tow their tow behind aerators? Ive used the walkbehind mower lately as the new turfvent 38 inch, works great and it fits through gated yards when i tow it with my 36 inch walkbehind mower.
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    That is way too much aeration which would be a waste of time, money, and energy. Aeration and overseeding alone will not get you full coverage of bare areas. If the lawn is that thin or bare, somthing like aerating and then powerseeding would be better than doing the double aeration. You dont even have to do the aeration first just do the powerseeding followed with a good fertilizer. My .02 as I wouldnt ever want to have to aerate a yard 2x.
  3. turfcobob

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    Aerate before you overseed. the more holes and plugs the better. The holes make excellent areas for seed germination and the plugs get broken up by the overseeder blades and cover the seed in low areas. the more exposed soil the better. Let the cores dry out before you go back and seed. You want to aerate when the soil is damp and seed when the soil is dry. A conflict of interest and time but and excellent way to get a good crop of grass. The other benefits of aeration are too extensive to get into here. Fert about a week after you seed. No need in feeding the competition you want the new plants to get the food.

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