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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Lawn Witch, Nov 10, 2009.

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    We are a fairly new company & got a call wanting core aeration & over seeding. We are looking for some help on estimating this job which is 2 acres on a fairly level lot pretty open lot but with some fencing. What is the going rate for core aeration & when you are over seeding is it a flat rate or per sq ft. Please give us some advice.:dizzy:
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    I would charge around $350-400 for the aeration. Now are you just broadcast spreading the seed because if so your wasting your time no seed is going to germinate when its in a dark hole 2-3inches below the surface. You could fertilizer the lawn following this and that will be good. If your going to seed I would do slit seeding and use a starter fertilizer. You will get good results. For slit seeding I would charge in the neighborhood of $700-1000. Thats on the low side to. So for the overall job probably $1200ish maybe a little more.
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    Is it 2 acres of grass or a 2 acre lot? Yes you can get seed to germinate if it is broadcast with a spreader, you just have to put the seed out first before you aerate. Figure how much your seed and fertilizer will be and if you don't own an aerator what the rental will be. Look in the phone book and call the big guys and get a quote. Give the would be client a quote based on the quotes that you were given and watch the reactions. Remember to bid high. You can always go down to get the job but if you bid low you can't go up to get it! But just bid you can't get the work without a giving a price. The lessons learned from doing the job far out weigh the fear of not giving the RIGHT price. You will also find that there is no right price. When I had a fleet of trucks and employees I had to bid high to cover all of the overhead but now that I have down sized I can bid below the big guys and POCKET more money than they can.

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