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    Has anyone had good results with aerating a lawn twice/three times and then broadcast overseeding? Do you believe this would work if the customer waters well. It seems to me it would work fine and you'd accomplish two goals, one aerating the lawn and two, establishing new grass. The grass would settle in the holes and germinate and the plugs would cover over other seed on the ground.... What do you thing. Has anyone tried this? Thanks for your input.
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    YES! Do it all the time with fantastic results!!!
    I never seed without aerating first.
    The only thing I would add to your equation is spread a starter fertilizer at the same time..
    HAVE FUN:)
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    Golf course do this process four times a year. The aeration not only helps the seed to fall down into the earth but it main use is to break the thatch barrier to let oxygens and nutrients down to the already established rote system. If your customers water three times a week only in the morning(watering in the afternoon leads to disease) and you put down two fertilizers by November you can guarantee the seed to germinate.

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