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    Hey guys I am asking for a little help/ permission here. Does anyone have any good illustrations or pictures that will show the benefits of aeration. Kind of like a cross section of the soil after it has been aerated. I am working on some new aeration brochures with a designer and would like to add a good illustration or picture to it. I have one but don't know where I got it to ask for permission to use it. If the enclosed attachment is yours please let me know if I can use it for local advertisement. I am a one man operation that strictly works in the west suburbs of Chicago.
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    Look here. I think that's where this pic came from. I am considering ordering some of their materials myself.

    Lookie Lookie
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    That picture is used all over the web for aeration.

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    Hey Soupy how is it going! Do you know if it is copy writed? Do you know of any others that might be of some use?
  5. FLC Dave,

    The pic you shared is a very good but popular one. I have attached a MS-Word doc which is in 3-up format. It does have a graphic (blk/wht) at the top but is not very detailed. However, the info about the process and benefits are straight forward without industry jargon. Residential homeowners I have provided this to have 5 of 10 become customers for aeration project.

    Hope this helps,


    BTW - I took the liberty of saving your bmp (above) as both a jpg and gif format. The size has been greatly reduced which should assist you ( or anyone else who grabs it) with documents, email and web site etc. The quality is not affected.

    Your bmp = 264 kb
    The attached jpg = 114 kb
    The attached gif = 57.8 kb

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    Don't know if this would meet your needs but Ryan turf products last year had a marketing kit you could buy. Had a bunch of brochures and informative stuff in it. I think it was $20 or $30 bucks.
  7. I did not realize we could not post multiple attachments unless zipped.

    Sorry bad

    I'm only including the gif format with the MS-Word aeration doc due to size restrictions with attachments.


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    Bullgrazer, I didn't receive the attachment. It appears as though the attachment on your reply is the same as the one I posted, no MS Word doc either.

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    Sorry, I am an idiot. I opened the link from my e-mail letting me know somone replied to my post. When you do that it doesn't show attachments. Thanks for the reply and I also received the attachments.
  10. FLC Dave

    You just did what I routinly do - and thats stupid when you do it again and again - I guess you could say I'm BULL HEADED - hahaha.

    Hope they help.


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