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Aeration pictures


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Hey guys I am asking for a little help/ permission here. Does anyone have any good illustrations or pictures that will show the benefits of aeration. Kind of like a cross section of the soil after it has been aerated. I am working on some new aeration brochures with a designer and would like to add a good illustration or picture to it. I have one but don't know where I got it to ask for permission to use it. If the enclosed attachment is yours please let me know if I can use it for local advertisement. I am a one man operation that strictly works in the west suburbs of Chicago.
FLC Dave,

The pic you shared is a very good but popular one. I have attached a MS-Word doc which is in 3-up format. It does have a graphic (blk/wht) at the top but is not very detailed. However, the info about the process and benefits are straight forward without industry jargon. Residential homeowners I have provided this to have 5 of 10 become customers for aeration project.

Hope this helps,


BTW - I took the liberty of saving your bmp (above) as both a jpg and gif format. The size has been greatly reduced which should assist you ( or anyone else who grabs it) with documents, email and web site etc. The quality is not affected.

Your bmp = 264 kb
The attached jpg = 114 kb
The attached gif = 57.8 kb



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Don't know if this would meet your needs but Ryan turf products last year had a marketing kit you could buy. Had a bunch of brochures and informative stuff in it. I think it was $20 or $30 bucks.
I did not realize we could not post multiple attachments unless zipped.

Sorry folks...my bad

I'm only including the gif format with the MS-Word aeration doc due to size restrictions with attachments.





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Sorry, I am an idiot. I opened the link from my e-mail letting me know somone replied to my post. When you do that it doesn't show attachments. Thanks for the reply and I also received the attachments.
FLC Dave

You just did what I routinly do - and thats stupid when you do it again and again - I guess you could say I'm BULL HEADED - hahaha.

Hope they help.