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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kingspointe, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. Kingspointe

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    Hey guys,
    This last fall I used the hourly technique or giving people bids on aeration. It seemed to have worked good but I was wondering what you guys do? Hourly, or do you get in touch with Scotts or other companies to see what they charge on a given lot? I'm curious of how others do it, but the hourly is a good way to go in my book. Thanks!:)
  2. lawncare3

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    I think $75-150 per job is about right on the money!
  3. Soupy

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    $0.0125 per Sq Ft. for Aeration and double that amount if Overseeding too.

  4. boohoo

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    Prices here range from $45 - $160 for 20000 SQ FT. The cost for each of us should be around the same just depends what our profit margin goal is. Bear in mind 60 % profit margin on $500 in Aeration Sales wont pay many bills. Rather have 30% margin on $5000 in sales. Around here a lot of neighbors go in on an aerator rental for a weekend and split the cost, hence reducing the market and prices they are willing to pay.
  5. Randy Scott

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    That's quite the spread for a pricing structure on a property. It could cost this price, or it could be double.

    Anyways, back to the question at hand. There is alot of pricing info on this subject that has been discussed already.
    From one side of this country to the other will give a wide span of numbers so they may not work in your area. It will help to know what some of the companies around you price so you will be able to be competitive. Although you will need to know your wants and needs.
    In my area I've had to come down a little on price to be competitive with the other companies in the area. I'm still happy with the revenue generated and is still a relatively good profit of all the services we offer. I price by two means really, square footage and overall property evaluation. I don't use a set in stone square footage price.
    I advertised alot for aeration and found I wasn't getting as many jobs as I had hoped I would. This is where I found I must be too high on price. I adjusted somewhat and think it has helped out, and if guys keep doing it for less, then they can have the work. Most of my business comes from current customers and as that number grows, so will the aerations. I don't, and won't, shoot the numbers some of these companies do to just get the aeration job. There are alot of people that really price shop when needing aerations done. They think it's all the same and the cheapest guy will do as good a job as the most expensive, yeah, sure they will. :rolleyes:
  6. greenman

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    $10 per 1k. Aeration only.
  7. turfman59

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    what type of areators are you using, and are they the ones that pull out the cores Like the golf course uses. I have one prop that needs it bad but if it was done with the one that just pokes a little hole in the ground I dont think that it would be as beneficial. I would like to areate then refill the holes with compost that has been run though a heater to sterilize the weed seeds, any reccomendations.
  8. boohoo

    boohoo Banned
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    Prices here range from $45 - $160 for 20000 SQ FT
    Marketing 101 ....Research your market. Never mentioned these were my prices, just quoting prices I have seen. ie there is no set price for aerations or any other service, prices are set by the market in the end.
  9. Green Sweep

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    We actually lowered our aeration prices this year & strongly encouraged all of our customers to take advantage of it because of the harsh summer. It paid off. I think that your time is the major factor in pricing. Because we have a Steiner tractor - 1 guy can now do the work of 2 guys so it was easier to drop the price. The going rate here in Western PA is around $50 for 3,000 sq .ft & $200 - $250 for 20,000 sq. ft. Would somebody actually take 2 hours with a walk behind aerator to aerate a 20,000 sq. ft. lawn for $45???? Did I read that right????

  10. boohoo

    boohoo Banned
    from USA
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    I had a customer tell me I didnt get the neighbors 20000 SQ FT. aeration job because I was dearer !!!. $65.00. Lawnaire V can easily do 20000 SQ FT an hour. $65 an hour is fine for one guy. I may do that same size lawn a mile away for $150 though. Depends if I am having a good hair day.
    Go Buckeyes!!!!!!!

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