Aeration pricing and time

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Mowercat, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Glwenzl

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    Depends... like my yard had a harder clay like soil in the front and around back it's much nicer black dirt (not near so hard).

    This aerator is supposed to do 4 acres an hour not to exceed 5mph.

    I was on a lawn the other day that had a lot of night crawlers. Made me wonder... auto aerators lol
  2. 1977212

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    I'm also misreading where doing this adds 2lbs of N a year to keep quality turf without any fertilizer.
  3. Nunyabisnes

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    Are you confusing articles or different posts on here? I don't see anything in the article or or this thread about 2 lbs of N a year from aerating.... I also noticed you said only aerate if the thatch is over 1.5" yet you post an article that says .5". You may want to sit down and read the article and this thread again before you post next time. The article you linked talks about the benefits of aeration yet you say it's bad?
  4. phasthound

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    Huh?? Did you switch subjects?
    Maybe you are talking about how leaving clippings adds up to 2lbs. N/k annually and reduces thatch? Even so, you still need more N for a healthy dense lawn whether directly from fertilizer or indirectly organic matter.
  5. mdloops

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    I hope nobody listens to you. Your own article contradicts what you are saying along with every other bit of research available on agriculture colleges websites.
  6. MT Tyler's Landscaping

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    Thanks for the pricing information!!!! I'm getting a ton of calls for dethatching and aeration and this pricing breakdown info is extremely helpful!!!! THANK YOU! Glad to see this forum is no different than any other with the great info sharing that quickly leads to bantering with each other :)
  7. americanlawn

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    We offer core aeration in the spring, but we do 98% of aerations in the fall.
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    Funny story I contacted my clients about 3 weeks ago explaining that I would be offering aeration along with Spring cleanups fert apps.and all agreed,weather and conditions were perfect 75+ degrees, what happens we get hit with 2 nor'easters totaling 4 feet of snow.Still waiting for this white stuff to disappear.
  9. Glwenzl

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    I offer it it but no takers. Did my own right before a forecast of snow. Worked great but the plugs dried up like concrete... Didn't snow and winds blew a lot making the ground hard. Today we finally get a nice soaking rain.
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  10. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    Good grief, you guys should count yourselves blessed! Aerations run $25-35 for a typical 5-6k lawn here. My minimum is $50. Consequently, I don't do too many aerations...
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