aeration rentals


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I dont own an aerator but am getting calls for aeration. From what i here 13-15$$$ is per 1k but now i have the expense of renting an aerator for 44 bucks a half day. I can get away with half day because my rental joint is right around the corner from my work. Now if i add the cost of aerator in im gonna be much higher than others im sure, what do i do???? stay away from aeration till i buy my own??? I would really like to do this....... should i pay half the rental?? and the other half the cust????


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I bought a Lesco tow behind this year. But, heres what I use to do. I would line up a whole days worth of core aeration jobs. Then I'd reserve 2 aerators( you'll want to run 2, with help). Then knock'em all out! Get more aeration jobs for the same day. Don't just rent the machine for one job. Think how many jobs you could do in a half day. If you did 4 or 5, each lawn would be paying about $10 toward your rental cost.

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I do about $3K per year in aerations, mainly in April and May, and to be very honest I have never considered buying the equipment. These machines have to be a maintaince nightmare over time, so why not let the rental company worry about that. I have worked out a deal with a local rental company and rent from him 6-8 times a year at a low cost. I figured I can rent 100 times for the cost of the purchase.
At a average cost of $100 per yard, you can pay for the rental fairly quickly..


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Make a flyer about aeration and put out in the same neighborhood and see if you can pick up a few more lawns. If not get a estimate from another lawn company and tack on any mark-up you wish if that's what you want to do.