Aeration results from Aug 12th

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by David Haggerty, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. This pic was taken the 29th. This company had an employee "drive-in" for cars or cycles they wanted to show.

    I think the lawn held up really well to having been parked on all day plus the foot traffic. We had a couple of light showers since it was aerated.

  2. This was taken just as soon as a truck pulled out after sitting there all day. You can still see the tire print. The grass doesn't seem too wilted.
    Normally this time of year the grass is brown and crunchy.
    Of course it's been an uncommonly wet summer here.
    But I think the aeration kept the "drive-in" from killing the lawn.
    This is bluegrass. Overseeding wasn't done and no fert.

    grass resized.jpg
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    It looks good!
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    Good job.............
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    very impressive. good work
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    Cool, like you said it was an uncommonly wet year. I sort of like not having to crunch when I mow.
  7. I think conditions were just right to allow me to aerate in Aug.
    It probably won't happen again. No one here has irrigation.
    It even rained a little today.

    I'll finish off this thread with a pic of my personal favorites of all the vehicles that were there.

    It's a '67 Triumph GT-6 British Racing Green

    I like it because I had one just like it way back in '68.
    I nearly got killed wrecking that car but I still loved it.
    Insurance replaced it with a red one.
    Gawd those were the days...

    triumph gt6.jpg

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