Aeration Vs. The invisible dog fence.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1grnlwn, Nov 23, 2002.

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    Man the first one was 60000 ft sq and I cut it 5 times. I forgot he had one and he didn't mention. The second one I left flags and she marked. I certainly didn't run over the flags but there was note on invoice that it had been cut. First of all (rant) how can these fly by night schisters come in and get away with burying a wire only 2-3" under turf. It should be their fault for not allowing for normal practices (aeration) to be done to turf. Does anyone have policies? I have acess to line tracing equipment but would add 20 min to aeration process $$$. Hate to miss out on someone who actually wants to aerate. These things are becomming quite popular and I am not sure if any of them last more than 1 year.

  2. Lawn Man 5

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    The reason for burying the wire 2-3 inches is so that the fence works properly. This is very important for the cheaper systems. I have a professional system that was installed at my house. The company buried it at about 4 in. I personally have a small pull behind core aerator and I go right over mine. I know some of the more heavy-duty aerators penetrate much more into the ground.
  3. 1grnlwn

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    I suppose I could wear the collar and when it starts to buzz I could turn. LOL
  4. Lawn Man 5

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    Actually, most collars do set of an audible alarm first. You can set the electric field at several different places. I think mine is set at 4 feet. So that means that the collar will beep 4 feet on both sides of the line. The best way to mark where it is just hold the collar in your hand ?not touching the metal? LOL and mark with a flag. I usually find myself cutting them in the flowerbeds with the edger. You probably already know that finding where you hit the wire can really be fun.
  5. GarPA

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    well I have butchered my own elec fence more thanonce. Invisible Fence (not the junk they sell at the local wal mart) installed mine...rather expesnive at $1000. I had them come out and "precisely" mark the line....NOT!!! still cut it about 5 times while now since the dog is trained its turned off and in many pieces I'm sure.....when I do aerations I have check off blocks on the proposal that ask about these or other underground objects....customer checks off and signs.....I rarely turn down work...but...if they tell me they have an elec fence, even if its marked, I respectfully decline to do the work....its too easy to cut them and too difficult to have them precisely marked...its a customer headache just waiting to happen...just my opinion
  6. Tony Harrell

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    I just had an image in my mind of an immigrant worker wearing a collar while aerating!!! Reckon they'd do a hatdance when they get close? Seriously though, those systems are getting more popular and not just in the upscale areas either. If I had to locate the wires, I'd charge for it and also put a disclaimer on the CONTRACT. Also, if they have the wires you know there's gonna be POOP in the yard! YIKES! I just had another image of a Ryan IV flattening out a huge poop pile and then flinging it up at the operator!
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    Invisible Fence installer here only puts wire 1"-2" underground. It's a shame a contractor charges for a good job and does a poor one. It's also a shame people can't just learn to train their dogs.

    But invisible fencing can be a negative for a dog. Once saw a dog that wanted to chase something so bad, it just put up with the shock and went after the target. But when it tried to get back home, it didn't want to get shocked. Poor dog was wandering for half an hour trying to get back into yard. I finally advised my client, and she took dog in until owners returned home. ROTFLMAO about effectiveness of the fence!!

    And yeah, Mark, I've killed my share of them, too. Intaller once gave me an AM radio freq to use to plot the lines, but that didn't work very well. I just tell clients we have to stay 5-8 ft away from approx location, and put up with less than perfect lawn there. Or they can have a nice lawn, and find a better fence installer.
  8. wriken

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    1grnlwn, where can a guy get the line tracing equipment at? thanks
  9. Runner

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    What does it take to repiar this line? Can it just be spliced and connected with a shrink-wrap connector? I have never seen one of these unit's wire before, so I am just curious. Thanks for any info.:)
  10. Premo Services

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    I have a long time, very good customer, and last year she put the invisible fence in and had me aerate it. Well I poked the wire in a lot of spots. There werew flags out and I didn't do along areas where flags were. Later she told me that my machine cut the wires, but it was ok because hubby tried to save some bucks and put the flags where he thought the wires were.:eek:
    This year, she informed me that they paid to have it marked, so have a blast, but stay away from areas where the flags were.
    Guess what I poked the line in several spots. They caled the fence company and he said it was marked, and the grass guy went into the area where the wires were. I was going to fix the fence wires, but looked at the areas real good. Went and got customer and we went over all the areas where the flags were, to my advantage they were still there, and there were no aeration holes any where near the flags. The fence guy said that I was correct and he had to fix the wires.:D :D :D

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