Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by big mike, Mar 5, 2001.

  1. big mike

    big mike LawnSite Member
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    this year i'm wanting to get into aerating and dethathing could someone let me know how to charge,thanks
  2. bob

    bob LawnSite Platinum Member
    from DE
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    I've heard any where from 4-6 times the price of a lawn cut. Do a search of the words, aeration, aerate, dethatching ect...
  3. 65hoss

    65hoss LawnSite Fanatic
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    There is so much info on that here you can spend days reading. Like Bob said, do a search.
  4. kutnkru

    kutnkru LawnSite Silver Member
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    You will find that an average would probably be somewhere in the ball park of:
    $10/m sf for aerations
    $30/m sf for dethatching one direction (front to back)
    $45/m sf for detahtching two directions (front/back - side/side)

    Hope this helps.
  5. Skookum

    Skookum LawnSite Senior Member
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    are those numbers for 1000 sq ft?
  6. kutnkru

    kutnkru LawnSite Silver Member
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    Those figures multipliers for each thousand square feet of turf area.
    A 10,000 (10/m) sf lawn would be:

    Aeration: $100
    Dethatching: $300 one direction or $450 bi-directional

  7. John Deere

    John Deere LawnSite Member
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    I would like to know if anyone else out there is getting $30 per 1000 sq.ft. for power raking? If not, what are you charging?
  8. Currier

    Currier LawnSite Senior Member
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    Power raking is nasty tough work. You should get 30.00. No way joe home owner will do it himself(a second time).
  9. KirbysLawn

    KirbysLawn Millenium Member
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    My charges are $12 per 1000 for aeration and $24 per 1000 for aeration/seeding/fert. I also sell soil test for $25 when aerating.

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