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  1. anderson lawn

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    Bidding an aeration job on a baseball field.
    Do you bid on doing the all dirt infield also or just the grass outfield?
  2. Dennis

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    you don't aerate the dirt.... just the grass portion..
  3. Grateful11

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    OT: I saw just the tool you need to do it with today at Home Depot it was a step on aerator with a T-Handle. It made 2 holes at a time and made a big deal out of it that the cores were self ejecting. I just had to laugh when I saw it. I think it was called the Lawn-Bully.
  4. Eric ELM

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    I saw one of those at Target. :D

    Glad I don't have to do the lawns with that. :)
  5. I don't know about the use of your baseball field and the kind of grass, but if soil is reallly compact(not easy to probe the soil with a pen) make sure to get a 2 to 3 inches core, to get best result do it on humid soil, not too wet, you will compact soil moore than before. Don't do it on a hot sunny days, you will dry the roots. the cores needs to be removed from the holes, not forced in the ground, in this case oxygen and water will not be able to move in the ground.

    To best turf result, you will need to seed after aeration. Be sure to select the right seeds for the use of this field.

    and aeration need to be done more than once a years.

    Here we have a lot of soccer fields and this operation is done 5 times in a years to ensure a good pest management. our field are over used, 12hrs a days 7/7, always kids on it.

  6. Runner

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    Glad I don't have to do the lawns with that.

    Hey! I HAVE one of those things and it works great! Granted, I made it myself, but it's the ultimate for getting into tight areas that I can't fit the aerator.:) (like between the wood bed and the birdbath foundation, and odd places like that) Anyway, I just bidded a Varsity baseball field for aeration and bidded it at $735.oo. This is based on $12/m sq.ft. I do their football fields and their infields every year, but have not yet ever done their outfield too. This will be a first. I also sold them on a PreM ap and a post emergent treatment with fert. as well.

  7. jeffyr

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    I have a question about pre-M on a playing field.

    Once it is down and the gas layer formed in the soil, doesn.t it become useless after it is trampled by cleates and spikes in football and soccer ? To my understanding the soil can not be disturbed after application for best results..


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