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  1. ferris_1972

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    I have been in the business for about 4 years now. Strictly lawn maintenance and mulch, cleanups,that sort of thing. Could someone please explain to me about aeration and is it beneficial to get into. Also what steps would I need to take to get certifed/licensed to fertilize. Thanks
  2. indyturf

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    aeration in my opinion is one of the best things you can do for a lawn, it opens up the soil to let air, water and fert get down to the root system. it encourages root development reduces compaction and helps reduce thatch. fall is the best time to aerate but it can be done in the spring if its not to wet. And you can make a ton of money with aeration! we charge $15 per k. , ( I made over $600 in just over 3 hrs today) areation is a great add-on , most of your current customers will take it.
  3. Tony12

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    • Reduces compaction of soil which allows grass to produce a stronger,
    • healthier root system.
    • Stronger roots will always be a great benefit to your lawn.
    • Fertilizer can get down to the root system more readily.
    • An aerated lawn will absorb more water
    • Reduces water runoff and puddling.
    • Aeration breaks up the thatch layer.
    • Annually aerated lawns will almost never develop a damaging hatch
    • Enhances heat and drought stress tolerance
    • Improves resiliency and cushioning of lawn.
  4. lewdo

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    Indy, you get $650/acre? or does that $15/k only apply to smaller yards.
  5. indyturf

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    $15 is for the smaller lawns with a min of $75. I just double the cost of a regular treatment to get the price of aeration so 1 acre would be $250 but the majority of my lawns are under 10k. I've always targeted neighborhoods with smaller lawns because you make more $$ per square foot.
  6. turfcobob

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    Aeration is a study course on it's own. I could write a book on it.
    Bottom line, it is very beneficial to the lawn, Very beneficial to the bank book, and is getting easy to do with the new equiment that is being invented (finally). I have been doing it for 30 years and now they finally are bringing out machines that do not try to killl you to get the job done. Talking about the new Turfco driving aerator you can ride behind. I have one and can do over an acre an hour with it and it is almost fun to ride.
    The benefits of aeration I could go on an on about but bottom line is do it it pays good and there is nothing to haul off afteward. Just be careful of irrigation or electric dog fences..
  7. Gators_Aerator

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    Aeration is Great!

    I asked my clients three questions.
    • Do you have an irrigation system / Spinklers?
    • Do you have dog fencing?
    • Do you have any shallow buried cables or cables you have buried?
    This lets them know I care about their property, but also that I will not be responcible if any are damaged.
  8. GroundUp

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    ok im a ******... what exactly is aeration?
  9. lawn king

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    Do a google search on core aeration, you will bring up days of reading material!

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