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    Anyone used Zplugger Comments, about it or how well it works.
  2. ant

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    all my lawns needed to be aerated...because i work alone it was hard to get-er-done.
    i looked into the z plugger in march. i send aeration letters with prices out in late march.
    30% of my lawns responded to aeration. i ordered the plugger in april.
    got it in may . started to aerate and finished in july. (i know only ''aerate when lawn is actively growing'')
    i made affordable to my clients because
    1. the lawns needed it in a major way and i wasn't walking behind a machine.
    2. zero fatigue
    3. if they went with it, i know that the lawns would look better and i would benefit by it.
    don't get me wrong i did not do if for free..
    i made my money back plus by july.
    resent the letters out to those who did not respond to the first and picked up 30 more lawns .
    my 13 year old son asked if he could aerate our home lawn ,i set him up and in 1 hr. he got the hang of it. (did a great job)..
    he said to me "if we had one more i could help"
    i did the math and ordered the second one which is almost paid for...

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    Hey Ant- What Did You End Up Charging For Aeration? I've Been Looking At The Z-plugger, But Have Never Gotten Good Response To Aeration Advertising.....seems People In My Area Are Too Cheap To Come Off The Money For It. I Like You, Figured I Cold Make It More Affordable By Cutting Down Fatigue & Labor Time By Getting A "z" But Haven't Bit The Bullet & Got One Yet (my Z-spray Is Due To Arrive Any Day Now!!) I Figure It's Okay To Be Less On Price Than The Other Guys If They Are Still Using A 20 Something Inch Walkbehind!!
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    I've heard the Z-plugger isn't very good on slopes or hills. True?

    BTW - It's better to aerate in the fall (late august thru early November). You're killing your pre-emergent by aerating over top of it. Bonus - you can sell seed with the core in the fall - it'll really help the lawn and it's very profitable.
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    :hammerhead: :confused: :hammerhead: :confused: :hammerhead: :dizzy:
    Why would you spend thousands of $$$ just to charge less than your competition? Don't mean to be harsh, but it sounds like some entry level business courses would greatly benifit you.

    eg.-There's a couple chemical treatment companies in Louisville that use chest spreaders (for granular treatments) and a typical split tank spray systems on a trucks for spraying (of course). They charge more than the going rate and have added on an average of 3 new crews each season for the last 5 years. They're businesses are growing at astronomical rates. IT'S NOT ABOUT PRICE!!!! It's about quality and results.
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  7. work_it

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    ant, I wasn't speaking of you with your situation. The Zplugger you have is more comparable in price with other aerators of that caliber (like PLUGR or Classen). Even with the discounts you offer your customers it's easy for you to recover the cost of the machine.

    I was commenting on Libertylandscaping's situation. A Z-sprayer is usually around $7500+, a permagreen is $5800+, while a push spreader is $350, a chest spreader (as I previously mentioned) is around $150, and a truck mounted spray system is $3200+ (depending on size). I won't even get into the maintenance, parts and repairs. With that much more money invested in equipment, as opposed to his competition, it's ridiculous to charge less for treatments. It also makes it nearly impossible to recover the extra money spent in a reasonable amount of time.

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    I wasn't talking about fert & squirt with my Z-SPRAY, but about looking into getting a ZPLUGGER like ANT. What i was asking was what he ended up getting those people to pay for aeration. If you have an walkbehind aerator, and it takes you a long time to do the job, and you are beat afterwords, you charge accordingly.... Some people just don't care enough about that service in this area to pay that-so if one was to have a much quicker machine, that didn't wear you out you could make it affordable... If a mowing guy was to quote a 3 acre lawn using a 21" walkbehind, he would have to charge way more than a guy with a 72" Z..Right??? So does the guy with the Z" have poor business sense for being able to charge less, even though he is done 10 times faster??? I don't think so.......
  9. work_it

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    A good business person would know the going rate of his/her services in each area they're working in. A good business person wouldn't show up to a 3 acre lawn with a 21" mower. A good business person wouldn't screw up his/her own market and also takes into consideration all the expenses involved before comming up with a price structure to satisfy both the needs of his/her customers and him/herself. ant seems to have done this since he was able to recover the cost of the equipment in a short period of time. What caught my attention is when you mentioned buying a Z-spray while talking about buying equipment enabling you to cut prices. Another thing that caught my attention is you, living in Indiana, asking price structures from a guy in New Jersey. Since when do those 2 markets have anything in common other than the type of services being offered?

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