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  1. titanlawns

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    I had some questions about aerating.

    How many aerations to mowings do people do?

    How are you getting your new aerating customer? What works, what doesnt?

    What aerators are you using? Anyone using a plugr or the walker attatchment aerator?

    What are you charging per sq. ft. to aerate?

  2. qualitylawnmanagement

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    I aerate my accounts twice a year once in the spring and after the last mowing of the year. Everybody always ask why my accounts looks so good, this is how getting customers on aeration if you leave the property looking nicer and nicer then they will ask you to start doing there's and this is when you tell them what they need to get their lawn looking like the once they saw. How to get accounts, advertise it to your accounts and pass out flayer's. I have a hydraulic aerator that I borrow my dad's buddy and it hocks up on the back of the mower, then he also has a self propelled once that you walk behind. I would love to buy a walker with the aerator attachment, I have heard good things about them 2,000 attachment is going to take awhile to pay for it's self with low ballers these days. Pricing is all worked on on how much it cost you to do the job, equipment purchase and such. I have a price guide all made out, I would post it but I don't want anyone to low ball me.

    WALKER LANDSCAPE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    We do two areation a year we use the walk behind (rental) it more like drags you. We have two pull behinds. I would not charge any less than $100.00 That will give you a good staring price hopefully.
  4. green acres lawns

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    Do you have any problems with sprinkler heads when areating? Also which do you think would work the best on larger properties? An attachment like Walkers(I have a Walker) or a tow behind(I have a tiger cub that tows seeders,spreaders,spray tanks etc)?
  5. titanlawns

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    how many aerations do people do? do people only do aerations? is it possible to attract new customers in the spring with aerations, kind of a lead off to spring?

    WALKER LANDSCAPE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    If the property has irragation we will pop the heads and mark them with flagots Usually the property owner handles for use. Walkers attachment would be nice for the money the tow behind do well for us.
    I think you could do that poeple that mow their own Do you do Fert and Squirt too?
  7. Team-Green L&L

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    Our contracts state "who is responsible for marking sprinkler heads". It has actually needed to be put there after an incident. If we mark heads it is with paint, but some clients don't like that. If they want flags, then we need to know that, among other reasons.

    We sell aeration as part of our maintenance packages. Cheaper packages carry 1 and premium packages carry 2.
  8. titanlawns

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    Could you give me an idea of what your maintenance packages consist of? I dont want to seem like I am coming off trying to copy them, just curious to what people are packaging together, what works for them, what doesnt, and their costs associated with it.


    I'm a new startup, still trying to learn everything and anything about the industry and what works, what doesnt. So, as of now I do not have a customer base to work off. My plan is to lead the spring off with doing as many aerations as my partner and I can handle. First it would be a great "foot in the door" I think, a chance to gain the customer as a mow customer, etc. Second, it would bring in extra capital into the business to start the year.

    WALKER LANDSCAPE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    If thats your plan I figure you allready have the equipment. I say you target a neighborhood (tight route), and go Knocking on doors selling your services.
    That is diffently foot in door theory. Plus do the advertising now and in Feb and March. Know this Teams packages are probably for fertilization w/areation
    which you need to be certified to put chemicals down. Cover your bases and be legit. Good Luck

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