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  1. klsgc

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    I haven't pushed aeration in the past because I'm not set up to do it very quickly. Any I get I just sub out. I have been leaving it up to the customers to mark any obstructions on their own. My question is this: do you ever have problems with phone/cable lines when you are pulling 3.5 inch plugs? I have seen how these guys bury the line, and occasionally even hit one with the skidsteer when we are prepping lawns.
  2. grassman177

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    we call digsafe in our area, also called one call other places. we have them mark the phone and cable for us and it is free. look into it and i reccomend it for your liability etc. takes 3 bus days here to be marked
  3. klsgc

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    yeah, its called miss dig by us. We call it in for our landscape construction, I just can't imagine all the stakeout calls for doing 15 or so aerations in a day for a week straight.
  4. Heidi J.

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    Most we have hit are sprinkler lines. We make customers mark the heads. I don't think it goes deep enough to effect other lines, unless the drop isn't buried good enough. You can rent a machine for 6 hours for like $48.00. Pure profit after the 1st lawn.. You are throwing away money subbing it out.

    Come on over.. I will teach you how to do it:waving:
  5. dgw

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    just can't imagine all the stakeout calls for doing 15 or so aerations in a day for a week straight.

    if their cable lines are 3 inch deep they need redone anyway

    im not calling before i dig on over 100 aerations
  6. mdlwn1

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    If you hit a cable line....its their fault...not your need for mark out

    GREEN-UP LawnSite Member
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    I think there is a specific depth cable,phone lines have to be buried. I have never had an issue messing up lines aerating. Now edging beds thats another story.
  8. david shumaker

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    The Verizon cable lines around here aren't buried very deep. I see some sticking out of the ground. I ask the customer if they have lines buried and also look for a line coming off a pole that goes under the ground. I don't call because sometimes I will have someone ask if I can aerate right after I finish their neighbors yard.
  9. turfcobob

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    U R right on with the shallow cables. That goes for low voltage lighting and invisible dog fence that is just 2 inches deep. If you can get them to sign off on a waiver that you are not liable for cable repair or replacement. Nothing worse than getting done and finding you cut the invisible dog fence wire. Been there done that. Could not find the exact spot that it was cut so I just replaced 100 feet where I knew the break / cut had occured. Shallow irrigation is another problem, again I have them sign off on it that the irrication lines a deeper than 3 inches. Better save than replacing stuff.
  10. grassman177

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    really, it is not that bad, yo ucan even do it online now with free software provided by them. that jsut seems lazy although i agree it really is their fault not burying them deep enough 1st time, but they will charge you here if you did not call in first to fix a cut line and believe me you, they are not deep at all. too many subcontractors doing the install of cables and they get paid by the foot so they lay it as stupid as possible and shallow to get them the most money!

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