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  1. OrganicsMaine

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    Small Axe....they do make a smaller walk behind machine....check out their website.

    As far as "getting" my customers to allow me to aerate their lawns...I have already educated them on proper turf care and they understand that if they want a healthy green lawn, aeration is an important part of the process.
  2. xclusive

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    I definitely agree with this. I offer the service on my customers contracts as well as on their invoices as a reminder if they didnt sign up for it altready. Once a customer knows the benefits of it they are likely to want it done and you can make a ton of money in it. I bought an aerator last season and it already paid for itself and some
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    I have the issue of people are so tight with money even before the economy went bad.
  4. superintendent

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    Cool season grass you do in the spring and fall and warm season grass you do in the summer
  5. xclusive

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    I have found that if you can explain to them how it benefits their lawn they will be more receptive. I have some elderly customers that are on strict budgets but they always have me thatch, aerate, and overseed their lawns every year.
  6. OrangeToys

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    Where did you find your info that answered all the custormers question about it?
  7. xclusive

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    From research and competive shopping like having lawn doctor/chemlawn come price my lawn for all their services
  8. grassman177

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    you should not habve to thatch and seed a lawn every year. that usually means poor maint if you have a actual issue with thatch. you do more damage than good if you do it for no real reason. but aeration every year is a good practice for the best lawn.
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    here check this link:

    for what to charge, depends on what YOU need to charge!!!!!!!
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    New to the site, don't bash me! I'll try and keep it short and sweet.

    2nd year landscaping on my own
    Growing quickly
    Just purchased 42" Wildcat/Velocity Deck/ 26 Liquid Cooled/Collection System

    I am being sold on the JRCO front mount Aerator and Dethatcher...

    First, what do you think about these? Cheaper alternative obviously to two separate machines.

    Second, when you aerate, (plugs) do you leave the plugs laying on the lawn?
    Or would you bag them (cut the lawn) then seed?

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